Tuesday, June 26, 2012

funny and lesson teaching story

assalamualikum out there!

today, I want to share with you all a very interesting and funny story, and we might learn a lesson from it. therefore, I want you to read very carefully.


“A long time ago, the keeper of a lighthouse was sitting in the bottom of a lighthouse. the villagers were making a lot of noise. the keeper, who was writing,was getting irritated and disturbed by the noise. then, all of a sudden, something strange and awful happened. the light of the lighthouse went off! the keeper immediately ran upstairs and found the flame was gone! he carried the bulb(in which the flame was lit)but he fell halfway and the bulb broke! even worse, a large ship was approaching land! you can now imagine what was going to happen. all of the villagers came running carrying sharp yellow lights. then all of them stood holding their lights inside the lighthouse. the ship was very close. it saw the lights and went away from land!”


lesson: by working together, people can make a big difference. the whole village together did a thing that a single man couldn’t do! and together, the villagers helped save the village from being broken in to bits and pieces. so remember, work together, make a benefit in any kind of matter.

I made up a saying: “work together, live better”!

so I hope every one benefits from this story.


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