Thursday, November 17, 2011

About Drugs

This is a very important post this is why please read very carefully.

check out my drug poster below:

ah no-drug poster

Here’s what a drug is:

A drug is a chemical that effects one’s body. cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, caffeine, etc. are all examples of drugs(they are  drugs). And those are just a very, very few(the ones just mentioned here). There are maybe more than1,000 drugs in the world today! In fact, believe it or not, medicines are even drugs! But medicines trade harmness for benefit. But always remember, medicines are drugs. They also effect one’s body like all drugs. Therefore please, never ever take medicine without getting dosage and permission from a doctor or a pharmacist. And I hope you all know, drugs are haraam(except medicine, but only those without alcohol). Please abstain from taking drugs as they are very dangerous.


INSHALLAAH will we all try to practice on this?




  1. assalamualikum

    I realy love this post and jazzakalah for posting this post. Mashalah. Keep it up. I think so we must practise on this.What do you think? must we practice or sholdent we?


    binte muhammad

  2. walikumusalam aaisha

    jazakallah for youur remarks and comment.i think we should practice on this. inshallah we will.


    ibne muhammad