Saturday, November 27, 2010

my main idea and supporting detail chart.

I drew a main idea and a supporting detail chart. I’m just telling you an example to teach you and your children about a main idea and a supporting detail. for example the main idea is: “cheetahs are the fastest animals on land because they have special traits”. now the supporting details will tell what makes a cheetah run so fast. so now we are going to write the supporting details: “long muscular legs, claws that grip the ground and long tails that help them turn”. so the main idea is the main sentence. and the supporting detail backs up the main idea. check out my drawing below so that you can get a clear idea in your mind.

11-27-2010 10;14;07 AM

if any one of you are doing study on reading and writing then I hope you find this useful.



  1. good mashallah very very very very gooooooood !!!!!
    may Allah accept and give you more and more success !!!

  2. baba jazakallah for the comment. i love u very much!!